Celebrate International Women's Day

  • Published: Monday, March 8, 2021

It's #InternationalWomensDay. Over the course of the day, we celebrated just a few of the female leaders that are part of our staff and consortium.

Gloria Stephenson

As the manager of Cybersecurity and LAN Services at MOREnet, her day-to-day activities include managing the team that provides multiple layers of security as well as local network support to keep our members' networks running at peak capacity.

"Focus on an area you are passionate about and use technology to improve and enhance it. As an example, I am passionate about using technology to improve and enhance all facets of education."

Michelle Brenner

As the director of technology and digital learning for Branson School District, she oversees the tech department--from services to wifi and infrastructure. She teaches educators how to use technology, troubleshoots issues and manages a budget that includes everything from Chromebooks and SMART TVs to servers and switches.

"I am very proud of my entire educational career! From teaching in the classroom to being an assistant principal to now leading an entire department. I am proud of my work and love my job! You can do anything you set your mind to, and I am thankful for those that have given me the opportunity to lead!"

Connie Coy

As a communications administrator at MOREnet, she works with members of the consortium to provide videoconferencing assistance as well as solutions for data privacy.

"Find something you enjoy doing, never turn down an opportunity to learn outside your comfort zone, hold yourself accountable to higher standards and you will find your own niche!"

Roxie Shaw

Roxie is MOREnet's longest-tenured employee, having been with us since our inception 30 years ago. As a support systems administrator at MOREnet, Roxie deploys computer hardware and software for internal staff. She coordinates and conducts maintenance and repair, account administration and staff onboarding and training.

"Working in IT I've learned no one does IT alone. Build yourself a network of friends and coworkers as your support team. Don't fear failure, everyone fails. When one way doesn't work, you're a step closer to one that will."

Sue Lightfoot

As part of the MOREnet Council since 2015, Sue has been a voice for the small rural libraries. Her work has focused on Internet connectivity challenges and expanding access to broadband networks, while advocating for membership. In her role as Director of the Carrollton Public Library, Sue says she's proud of the way MOREnet has expanded services to libraries, K-12 schools and now health care while consistently finding cost savings for members.

"Fear is a learned behavior. Educate yourself to be fierce."