Why is "Research" in the MOREnet Name?

  • Published: Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

When the Missouri Research Network (MORNET) launched in 1991, the internet, as we know it, was only getting started. We did not add the "E" to MOREnet until we started adding K-12 schools in 1995. However, the "R" for Research has always been there. Why is that?

When MOREnet began by connecting 13 higher-education sites, the internet was not widely known or used. Prior to MOREnet, researchers physically moved a hard drive from point A to point B. As the Internet has grown and expanded, we have scaled our high-capacity fiber network to meet the unique requirements of researchers to enable them to share data through transport.

Today, MOREnet is a partner to researchers around the state. All connected members have the advantages of our collaboration with Internet2. The Internet2 consortium consists of over 200 universities, in partnership with industry and government, to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technology. It provides a connection for educators and researchers to virtually every research network across the globe, opening the door for increased collaboration and communication.

Our high-performance network and our expert staff are here to support researchers and scholars no matter how they carry out their research. High-speed, low-latency networks like ours play a pivotal role in research, enabling instant access to large datasets and massive compute facilities, access to real-time data and process streams, visualization, collaboration and remote access to instruments.