Data Breach = Data Sold

  • Published: Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The value of your personal information is holding steady on the dark web. What kind of information is of value to the cyber criminal? It turns out, almost everything. Data breaches can be devastating for victims in multiple ways. Identity theft, monetary loss and paid services can be affected. Recovery from such a loss is often slow and painful.

If you are the victim of a data breach, you should pay close attention to what information was stolen. Particular bits of information hold more value than others when selling on the dark web. However, if the crook has scraped volumes of data it could add up to a cash bonanza.

Think your social media account is innocent and safe? Think again! You may innocently share too much information and the hacker wants to steal that from you. The miscreants will scour for photos, links and other clues that can help them target your friends and business associations. Your account might also be used to share malicious content with others. 

Other interesting sources of income for the crooks would be your drivers license, passports or utility bills. These can assist with obtaining false identities. Services such as ride sharing services and streaming services hold value as well. Stealing these services can many times be just for personal use. Cloud services can assist them with hosting denial of service attacks (DDoS) and further their criminal activities. They may also access more data by gaining entry into databases stored within.

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