FY16 Fee Estimate Now Available Behind MyMOREnet

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Dear Valued Member:

As you look ahead to fiscal year 2016 (FY16), we have prepared a detailed FY16 Fee Estimate for your organization. Estimates are available to view now via the MyMOREnet tool.

This estimate is based on your current, active services as of March 1, 2015, and is simply a planning tool for your convenience. Should there be any changes to your services or service levels after March 1, such changes will not be reflected in this tool. This is only an estimate and not your bill. We will begin issuing FY16 invoices in July, based on active services and service levels as of June 30.

To find your organization-specific FY16 MOREnet Total Fee Estimate, please log in to MyMOREnet. For assistance in accessing the MyMOREnet application, please contact our technical support staff at help@more.net.

Please note:

  • Fee estimates do not include program support for REAL members
  • Membership fees are based on updated enrollment amounts
  • Maintenance is based on the maintenance ordered in FY15 or as of March 1, 2015 and includes the FY16 rates
  • The new FY16 E-rate discounts are applied
  • Some services that incur a one-time or variable monthly charge are not reflected in the FY16 Fee Estimate view such as AirWatch, SSL Certificates, Microsoft EES and Network Backup
  • For Internet Content Filtering subscribers using Netsweeper, MOREnet requires an updated count of the Internet accessible devices that you plan to filter in FY16. Please email orders@more.net with this information no later than June 1. FY16 counts are reflected in the online FY16 Fee Estimate. iBoss subscribers will work directly with that company on renewal, utilizing the MOREnet Consortium Discount.
  • Please keep in mind that MOREnet offers a 3-year Membership Service Package term that can save your organization at least 10 percent annually, as compared to 1-year term pricing for the same services.

For more information, contact Member Relations at orders@more.net. As a reminder, all MOREnet services and fees can be found on our website. To discuss any questions about your FY16 Fee Estimate or to adjust services based on your organization's anticipated FY16 needs, please send an email to Member Relations at orders@more.net before June 1. As the only non-profit technology partner that exists because of and for members, the priority of our consortium remains the empowerment of academia and the public good to stay relevant in a changing marketplace. As technology and connectivity continues to become a necessity, we will continue to provide more than just a reliable connection, researching and providing tools and services that increase security, decrease management efforts and capitalizes usability of this valuable resource. We appreciate your membership.