Impressive Discount on Cofense AntiPhishing Software

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"Just found out that my MOREnet membership saved me over 85% off the cost of our PhishMe licenses. That's a HUGE savings!" Dan Hedgpath, Fulton 58 Cofense PhishMe is a Phishing defense service that creates targeted phishing simulation campaigns by sending out fake phishing emails to your users. Cofense tracks the users who open the email and the users who click on the links in the email. A report is generated for you and if you choose, you can direct users to free phishing educational content provided by Cofense, on your Learning Management System (LMS).

For detailed information on Cofense PhishMe, including how it can assist your organization, visit our website. You can also visit Cofense’s website for more information.

Cofense PhishMe also offers FREE cyber security awareness resources to positively impact the security posture of your organization. In addition to Cofense PhishME Free, a phishing and security awareness solution, they also offer Cofense CBFree, a high-quality, computer-based training for everyone.

Check them out!

To check out the aggressive pricing on the AntiPhishing software log in to MyMOREnet, our members only portal.