Online Gaming is Bringing in a New Generation of Patrons to Public and University Libraries

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Online videogames and libraries might not seem like an obvious match but public and university libraries are attracting a new generation of patrons and students by getting into the e-sports game.

The biggest competitions in the world of e-sports—of which the most popular include League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., and Overwatch—fetch top players millions of dollars in prizes, and in 2017, the industry is estimated to have earned $696 million in revenue. Universities across the country have established e-sports teams, and some of the top programs have collaborated with libraries to create spaces for gamers.

If MOREnet can help you plan for gaming in your facility, whether it’s training, planning, or an idea for a product that could be negotiated as a consortium discount, we are glad to be your partners for technology. Contact Andy King to brainstorm options.

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