Overwhelming Member Response Ensures HeritageQuest Availability in FY16

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We are thrilled to officially announce that HeritageQuest will be renewed for FY16 for all eligible MOREnet members! HeritageQuest is highly valued by public libraries, but is used by all member groups.

This exciting change is only possible thanks to the generosity of 37 public library members that have individually committed their own resources to help support the direct cost of the annual HeritageQuest renewal. Their combined contributions, plus funds from MOREnet will allow all eligible MOREnet members to continue access to this great resource for FY16!

In addition to continuing access to HeritageQuest for FY16, please recall that we are also renewing access for EBSCO and LearningExpress Library. All are available to eligible members as part of the FY16 Membership Service Packages, Full or Basic.

All databases are reviewed and renewed on an annual basis. Please be assured that we will continue working for the good of all MOREnet members to maximize everyone's investment -- negotiating lower rates, pooling budgets to ensure no organization pays full retail for these valuable resources as we look towards the future. The power of our consortium remains strong!

Over the next few months, we will also be supplying you with some promotional pieces and templates for story ideas to help you promote the use of online resources for your local users. You will be able to find these aides as well as additional valuable information regarding MOREnet's online resources at http://search.more.net.

Thank you for your continued support and your participation - we value our connection to you!