We’ve Got Your Six!

  • Published: Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022

Assessments, Threats, Complaints and MORE: MOREnet Cybersecurity Numbers!

2021 Cybersecurity cases

  1. As in-person Security Assessments were allowed, we visited 17 sites to conduct these assessments. It was great to see the different individual environments and challenges!
  2. We receive approximately three potential threat notifications per day. These notifications are based on thresholds of traffic types such as fragments, CLDAP, DNS and NTP. The Cybersecurity Team investigates each one, and, if mitigation is warranted, we contact the site and implement mitigation strategies.
  3. The complaints and compromise notifications we receive from our third parties comprise most of our cases, and we appreciate your diligence in tracking down these issues.
  4. MOSPA continues to grow, and the Student Data Privacy Consortium continues to add features and benefits for our membership. We added 11 sites to our membership for a total of 46 MOSPA members! We have a total of 56 data privacy agreements you can subscribe to today!
  5. We receive daily automated updates from REN-ISAC and weekly updates from MS-ISAC to our DNS filtering service, Blackhole DNS. In the last two weeks, we added 271 entries from REN-ISAC to our database. This is a set it and forget it service and protects you from known malicious domains.
  6. Almost 60 member sites with more than 30,000 users have taken advantage of our Infosec IQ service since summer! The first line of defense against ransomware is training. If you are looking for a cybersecurity awareness training and phishing simulation solution, take a look at Infosec IQ!

Use your membership to enhance your cybersecurity readiness; Cybersecurity Assessments and our February Technical Training Summit are great ways to learn about securing your network!

As a reminder, it is very important to have a MOREnet Security Contact designated for your site. This is the person we will contact for security-related issues. Please confirm your contacts in MyMOREnet and email [email protected] to update or add a contact. We continue to look for ways to add value to your membership and appreciate your feedback and support!