Zoom Brings Value to Your Membership!

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We are excited about how many of you are taking advantage of the free Zoom Accounts and putting up impressive numbers for our first year of offering Zoom with all Full Membership Service Packages.

We launched Zoom early in 2017 as our newest collaboration tool for videoconferencing. It allows you to hold quick staff meetings, on-the-go collaboration sessions or, for more robust use, you can easily integrate Zoom with learning management systems like Canvas and Moodle.

Zoom accounts are available and included with your Full Membership Service Package. Those with Basic Membership Service Packages can also purchase Zoom licenses for a discounted fee or upgrade to the Full Membership Service Package to enjoy all the included benefits.

Learn more about free accounts, visit the service page on our website or email orders@more.net.

*Total numbers include all Zoom account usage including paid accounts.