In-person Training Policies

Professional Development

Download CampusClear.

Protecting the health and safety of our members' communities is paramount. As leaders in community and education, you understand a safe return to work during a global pandemic is a complex challenge.

As part of the University of Missouri community, we have adopted the #CampusClear initiative.

Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is an important part of reopening MOREnet’s classrooms and the MOREnet Immersive Learning Lab (the MILL) to face-to-face classes. Although virtual meetings are still preferred, in some cases, the course content is not conducive to a digital session.

As part of the University of Missouri, we have adopted the #CampusClear initiative. Research has shown that daily self-screening, combined with a “passport” of sorts, to allow access to buildings have dramatically reduced the spread of COVID-19 in various settings. #CampusClear is a free app for employees, students and visitors that acts as a self-screening guide to ensure no symptoms are present.

Every person who attends will be asked to certify they have not exhibited symptoms similar to COVID-19. Download CampusClear. The app will then give you a “fast pass” to show you are “good to go."

We also ask that all attendees bring their own masks to wear during the training session. (We will have a few masks on site for those who may have forgotten theirs.)

We have reduced our class and meeting room capacity to allow for adequate social distancing.

  • In rooms 204 and 205, the maximum capacity will be no more than 12 visitors.
  • In room 206, maximum capacity will be no more than six visitors.
  • If rooms 204-206 are combined maximum capacity will be no more than 20 visitors.
  • MILL capacity will depend on activity with no more than 18 visitors.

All individuals are asked to maintain social distance of six feet between individuals. We will help ensure this through increased spacing between workstations and by asking visitors to keep the same seats while at MOREnet. We will maintain a record of that seating chart via photograph for 30 days after each class.

We are providing access to, and encourage the use of, hand sanitizer and hand washing.

We have increased the frequency of room and equipment cleaning including:

  1. Disinfecting of desks, door handles, tables, light switches, countertops, phones, keyboards, laptops, tablets, toilets, faucets, sinks and interactive displays. with a CDC-approved disinfectant.
  2. Items that cannot be disinfected will be put on a seven-day quarantine after each use.

Our break room is closed for social gathering, and until further notice, the shared coffee pot and tea pitcher are no longer available.