Missouri Cybersecurity Challenge - FAQ

Missouri Cybersecurity Challenge
What is the MissouriCybersecurity Challenge?
The Missouri Cybersecurity Challenge is a multi-round competition that tests students' skills in networking, programming and operating system security.
Who can participate?
Missouri high school and college students students.
What is the cost to participate?
There is no cost to participate in round one for MOREnet members. Non-members will pay $185 per team. If a team advances to round two, there will be costs associated with travel expenses to compete at the finals.
How can a district become a MOREnet member?
Send your request to [email protected] or call (800) 509-6673. We will put you in touch with a Member Services Advisor.
What are the requirements?
Students should have an interest in cybersecurity and familiarity with computers.
Why participate?
The cybersecurity talent gap is an industry crisis. It is reported that there will be more than 3.5 million unfilled jobs in cybersecurity by next year. The goal of the Missouri Cybersecurity Challenge is to expose cybersecurity to students and schools through the use of exercises that will enhance their education and spark a movement that creates a path toward fulfilling a career in the cybersecurity field.
How many students are on a team?
Teams consist of no more than three high school or college students and one adult school sponsor.
Can a school send more than one team?
Organizations can have multiple teams.
What skills are needed to participate?
Participants should have a knowledge base and some familiarity (in theory) with one to two of the concepts below. Beginners will practice the techniques associated with the theory and advanced players will demonstrate the knowledge, skill or ability to perform them in this cyber exercise challenge.
  • Linux command line knowledge
  • Windows and Linux service exploitation
  • Port scanning, networking scanning, vulnerability scanning
  • SQL injection
  • PHP code exploitation
  • PII discovery
  • Privilege escalation
  • Brute force password attacks
  • Password hash cracking
  • Forensics and reverse engineering
  • Reconnaissance or open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering
  • Understanding of basic network functions, standards and protocol
  • Familiarity with a scripting language, with a focus on Python and PowerShell
  • Some knowledge of common logical security controls
Do students need to be enrolled in a cybersecurity or programming course?
No. All students with the desire to learn more about cybersecurity are encouraged to participate.
How will students be transported to and from the exercise?
Schools will be responsible for making arrangements at the school's discretion and expense.
Will students be allowed to stay at the resort?
Schools will be responsible for making arrangements to stay overnight at the schools discretion and expense. However, any school wishing to stay overnight should coordinate with MOREnet in order to take advantage of the group rates.
Will meals be provided for the participates during round two?
Yes. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided at NO Cost to the students.
Will there be a breakout session for teachers and tech directors during the exercise?
Yes. There will be an exercise overview, input for next year and cybersecurity tools in education discussion.
Will there be prizes awarded to the winner?
The top three teams will receive:
  • A team trophy
  • A certificate of award for each team member
  • A team cash award given to the school tech director
  • Photo and press release in various media outlets
  • Photo and press release on the MOREnet Wall of Fame
How do we register our teams?
You can register online through the MOREnet website. Register here.

Email Andy King for more information!

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