Round One Resources and Prep

Missouri Cyber Security Challenge

Round One Preparation Scenario

You’re about to start your first summer internship as the IT administrator for a small non-profit, Tirem. You constitute the entire IT staff for this company. You've been given responsibility for a Linux webserver, a Windows 2016 server and various laptops throughout the office.

Throughout the summer your job will progress through various stages. Your first stage will be to figure out where everything is. Next, you'll need to fix all the things that are broken or have been left over from the previous IT employee. Finally, after cleaning up the big messes, you'll be able to concentrate on improving the services and responding to normal service tickets. As part of your job, you are expected to access any references you can in order to solve your problems, and your solutions should focus on automation instead of manual repetitive tasks.

The following links will help guide you through the tasks you will need to complete your summer internship.

Programming(Python, PowerShell, Bash)

Networking (DHCP service, tracert, nslookup, route, firewall)

Basic Linux Commands (passwd, systemctl, tar, gzip, rm, scp)

Windows Admin (Net command)

Linux 101/102

Database Admin

Recon (Whois)