REAL Program Contribution to MOREnet Shared Collection With OverDrive (Sora) to Help K-12 Schools

Consortium Discount banner - Overdrive

The Missouri State Library is pleased to announce it has contributed $30,000 to support the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection with OverDrive. The funding has been used to improve hold times on popular titles and to purchase new titles. With the new contribution the collection has over 10,000 unique titles (title list for MOREnet Shared Digital Collection)!

OverDrive (using the Sora app) is a service that allows students to borrow digital content like ebooks, graphic novels, comic books and audiobooks.

For K-12 members that want to utilize OverDrive, we have developed the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection. This service enables all titles to be shared by participating members. The shared collection grows as more members join!

You’ll also have access to supplemental curriculum materials, study guides and, for teachers, professional development resources. OverDrive collections can also be filtered by grade level, and content specialists are available to help you select the best titles based on your specific needs.

Pricing is based on student FTE and can be found by logging into MyMOREnet, our self-service portal, contacting your MOREnet Member Service Advisor or emailing Connie Bowman with OverDrive at

If you are interested in learning more about joining the Shared Collection, please join OverDrive for an informational session via Zoom on Sept. 13, 2022 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

The Missouri State Library is excited about the growth potential of the Consortium to support the needs of K-12 students. It’s prudent resource sharing efforts will ensure that each dollar of this funding goes a long way in delivering quality resources to Missouri’s students. These funds are made available through REAL Program appropriation in HB12. This appropriation is made to the Missouri Secretary of State and is administered by the Missouri State Library.