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  1. Aerohive

    If you are looking for a robust managed wireless network, a way to enforce policies across your network and an easy way to configure, optimize and secure your wireless network from potential threats, our Managed Wireless (powered by Aerohive) is the ...

  2. Akamai Secure Internet Access

    Akamai protects educational institutions and businesses worldwide and the billions of people they serve. Akamai's Secure Internet Access is a cloud-based, secure web gateway designed to help security teams ensure that users and devices can securely ...

  3. Aruba

    Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, offers scalable solutions to help secure your network and coordinate your wireless connectivity. We work with Aruba to deliver a four-point approach to tailor your wireless needs from equipment to a full ...

  4. Backup and Archiving

    Protect your data and applications from costly interruptions securely and easily with our backup and archiving tools. We can help you build your disaster recovery network or keep you compliant with an email archiving solution.

  5. Black Hole DNS

    Black Hole DNS is part of our suite of cyber security-related services. Simply put, your network administrators replace your existing DNS addresses with the BHDNS server addresses. We do the rest. Our Cyber Security team tracks IP addresses that are ...

  6. Canvas LMS

    Designed specifically for K-12 teachers and students, Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based LMS that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place.

  7. CatchOn

    CatchOn is an administrative tool that provides district technology leaders with up-to-the-minute data on all apps, software and website activity.

  8. CDW-G

    Higher Education members are eligible to take advantage of pre-negotiated, contract pricing on hardware and software products through CDW-G.

  9. Classroom

    We have leveraged the buying power of the consortium to negotiate deep discounts on some of the classroom tools you have told us you find valuable, as well as developed services and training opportunities to support your technology efforts in the ...

  10. Communication

    We provide time and tools for you to communicate with your peers and lean on each other for knowledge and support. Whether it is videoconferencing or discussion lists like Technic, we want to support your communication needs by helping you be better ...

  11. Connection Security

    Our team of highly trained security analysts monitor security risks and threats and take action to prevent harmful activities. We monitor and respond quickly to security related events such as DDoS attacks. In the event of malware or other threats, ...

  12. Connectivity

    Internet connectivity was the first service we offered. Members with Internet connectivity through us receive all the benefits of being on the MOREnet network. In addition, members receive a router and all the support necessary to maintain their ...

Results 1-12 of 76 results