Basic Membership

Basic Membership includes a base amount of support for our most popular services: training, network consulting and videoconferencing and provides the opportunity for members to purchase additional service in these areas, as needed. This package provides you with the greatest flexibility to lower costs and only purchase what you need, as you need it.

In addition to selecting the Membership Service Package that best meets your needs, you may also choose the term of your membership; choose one-year pricing or a discounted three-year term billed one year at a time.

Services included with the Basic Membership package:

  • Access to EBSCO online resource database, which includes periodicals, trade publications and a digital encyclopedia
  • Access to LearningExpress Library online resources, which includes over 300 online academic and licensing practice tests and more than 180 online reference ebooks
  • Access to HeritageQuest, an online genealogy research tool that includes genealogy books, Federal census data and more
  • Access to Consortium Discounts on popular technology solutions and services
  • Access to discounted licenses for Microsoft EES*
  • 10 hours of network consulting support per fiscal year (Additional hours may be purchased separately)
  • 50 hours of videoconference end-point bridging per fiscal year (Additional hours may be purchased separately)
  • Online technical training (classroom training may be purchased separately)
  • Unlimited web seminars 
  • Unlimited E-rate support and training for K-12 schools and public libraries
  • Discussion list set up and subscriptions

*K-12 and Library members are eligible for this program. Higher education institutions are not eligible. Some Microsoft EES Program restrictions apply.

Full and Basic Membership Packages Compared

FY19 Pricing, effective July 1, 2018

The one-year term will be renewed each year based on current pricing and student count. The three-year term renewal is of both the tier and the price for three consecutive years. It is a great way to lock in prices to avoid any rate changes.

Pricing Tier K-12 Schools (public and private) Libraries (tax revenue) Higher Education Affiliates** Basic MSP, One-year Term, Annual Fee Basic MSP, Three-year Term, Annual Fee Full MSP, One-year Term, Annual Fee Full MSP, Three-year Term, Annual Fee
1   0-$24,999     $565 $450 $869 $695
2 Up to 249 Students $25,000-$124,999     $783 $530 $1,205 $946
3 250 - 499 Students $125,000-$249,999   Non-profit and UM affiliates $3,616 $3,063 $4,460 $3,902
4 500 - 999 Students $250,000-$399,999 Less than 1,500 student FTE   $6,683 $5,799 $7,995 $7,106
5 1,000 - 1,999 Students   1,500 - 4,999 student FTE   $9,624 $8,424 $11,374 $10,175
6 2,000 - 3,999 Students $400,000-$999,999 5,000 - 9,999 student FTE   $12,782 $11,243 $15,007 $13,472
7 4,000 or more Students $1,000,000 or more 10,000 or more student FTE   $15,906 $14,034 $18,600 $16,733

**Custom pricing will be provided for Affiliate-eligible organizations with more than 750 full-time employees.

Additional Service Fees*

Members selecting the Basic Membership Service Package may purchase additional services as needed.

Additional Service Pricing

Videoconference end-point bridging hour $10 per hour per site
Classroom training $100 per attendee per full day
$50 per attendee per half day
Network consulting $119 per hour


K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public libraries and non-profit organizations are eligible to purchase services via our Full or Basic Membership packages. For more information, please contact a Member Service Advisor at

Terms and Conditions

This service is subject to MOREnet Service Policies.