Black Hole DNS

Blackhole DNS

Black Hole DNS is part of our suite of cybersecurity-related services. Simply put, your network administrators replace your existing DNS addresses with the BHDNS server addresses. We do the rest. Our Cybersecurity team tracks IP addresses that are known to be infected with malware and blocks them before they ever get to your network. It’s transparent to you and free to our members.

Malware is frequently hidden in advertisements and legitimate web pages, and users aren't aware they are at risk of infection. Our Black Hole DNS service is very easy to use; system administrators just need to replace the DNS addresses with the BHDNS server addresses.

Save time - If IP addresses are assigned by DHCP or Group Policy, this transition is very quick and easy to do by making the change in the DHCP configuration or Group Policy. Local DNS servers can point directly to the BHDNS servers. Using BHDNS can save time by protecting computers from infection, which can cause system instability, user frustration, and downtime during disinfection or reinstallation, or even lost data.

Save money - The Black Hole DNS service is opt-in and free of charge to members with a MOREnet connection. Additionally, the Black Hole DNS service blocks over 1 million malicious domains and new domains are added every day.

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