Microsoft EES Licensing

Use the current version of Windows and/or Office on all organization-owned equipment. K-12, higher education and library members are eligible for this discount.

MOREnet's agreement with Microsoft establishes consortium pricing. All references in the documents to distinctions between small (5 to 999 FTE) and large (1,000 FTE and above) organizations may be ignored.

Enrollment for Education Solutions Presentation

  • Note especially slides 4, 8, 19, and 20.

Enrollment for Education Solutions Overview

  • The section "Acquiring EES Coverage" on pages 5 and 6 does not apply assuming you wish to obtain licensing through MOREnet.

Enrollment for Education Solutions FAQ

  • The exact formula to calculate your organization's FTE can be found on page 5.

Pricing for desktop platform products is tiered and depends on the number of FTE employees within your organization. Additional desktop applications, CALs, Online Services, and Server products are priced individually. For pricing, please contact

Full-time faculty + (part time faculty /3) + full time staff = (part time staff /2) = total FTE


K-12, higher education and library MOREnet members are eligible for this program.Government and health care institutions are not eligible. Some Microsoft EES Program restrictions do apply.

Terms and Conditions

Student licensing must also be obtained if any equipment is assigned to a student for their exclusive use, such as in a 1-to-1 initiative. Please contact for more information about student licensing options.

All services are subject to MOREnet service policies. Microsoft's EES Program's Terms and Conditions also apply.