Network Storage

MOREnet is offering a remote storage service for members to store their data in a secure, off-site data facility that connects directly into the core MOREnet network. This data appears as directly connected network storage, allowing members to increase storage capacity quickly, at a minimal expense.



  • Access to the data requires authentication unless the subscriber arranges for an NFS mount.
  • Data can be encrypted during transmission (in-flight) and while stored (at-rest).
  • Organizations can access a large data store at a secure, off-site facility, mitigating the risks associated with a local disaster.
  • Subscriber data will be logically segregated from other data.
  • Data will be stored on carrier-class, mass-storage devices and protected by RAID 10 redundancy.


  • System images and other infrequently used data can be stored remotely, freeing local disk space for volatile data.
  • Data is stored on a high-availability storage system.


  • Additional capacity may be added quickly and inexpensively.
  • Members do not need expensive, proprietary equipment.


  • All major operating systems will be supported, including Windows, Mac OS/X, Novell and Linux.
  • Storage may be accessed via a direct network connection from server to storage via NFS, CIFS or FTP connectivity.
  • No client to install.

Service Level Options

Initially, a single service level is available with this service. Authenticated access to data store via NFS, FTP, sFTP or CIFS in 50 GB increments; no backup of data is provided (member must back up).

While Network Storage data is stored in a high-availability environment, subscribing members are responsible for backing up critical data. No backup is provided as part of this service.


MOREnet members, both connected or non-connected, are eligible for this service. However, members not connected to the MOREnet core network may not experience optimal performance.

Purchasing the Service

Contact MOREnet Technical Support at (800) 509-6673 or

Download Service Order Form (PDF 75.56KB)

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.
  • MOREnet is not responsible for loss of data.
  • No credit card information is to be stored on the UM/MOREnet data center premises.
  • The service will be sold in 50 GB units.
  • $60 per year per 50 GB unit.