Plagiarism Software

In today's digital world, copying is easier than ever, just press CTRL-C then CTRL-V. It's not very surprising then that students in all grades and institutions take material without attribution. PlagScan is a web-based service that helps teachers identify potentially plagiarized work quickly and easily. With access to billions of documents, PlagScan takes commonly used file formats (or just copy and paste text into the portal) and employs an advanced two-step algorithm to scan for similarities. Once a document is scanned, PlagScan reports allow users to easily compare suspect passages.


  • Drag and drop interface
  • Quick and efficient authenticity checking
  • Identifies source of copied content
  • Documents are never made public or passed to third parties
  • Document highlighting for MS Word
  • LMS integration

MOREnet has negotiated a 15% discount for our members, with the first 10 organizations to sign a contract receiving a 30% discount.  A promo code to receive a free trial and the discount is located in MyMOREnet.


This service is best suited for higher education and K-12 members. This is a consortium discount that has been negotiated on behalf of all MOREnet members, therefore purchasing is directly through PlagScan. Log in to MyMOREnet for pricing that includes a 15% discount and information on how to order.

Terms and Conditions

PlagScan is purchased on a one-year contract. All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.