Secure Ideas' NetworkScout

Your network is in constant flux as technology changes and presents new challenges. To meet these challenges, it is imperative that you know what devices and applications are actually present on your network. Unfortunately, what you don't know can hurt you. That's why we've partnered with Secure Ideas to offer NetworkScout to our members.

Secure Ideas' NetworkScout is a fundamental security verification. Each month, the team of security experts at Secure Ideas probe your network to identify existing network assets and security weaknesses. Unlike their competitors, who simply run software and then furnish the reports generated by the software, Secure Ideas uses human analysis of the data to eliminate false positives and to help the member focus on the most important security concerns.

Each NetworkScout assessment probes all hosts and devices on your network, finding vulnerabilities on the hosts and devices found on your network.

After each assessment, you'll receive a one-page executive summary that outlines your network's most significant issues along with actionable intelligence to address any issues. You'll also receive a detailed assessment and a risk rating.

For detailed information on the consortium discount we’ve negotiated for Secure Ideas NetworkScout, including how it can assist your organization, visit our website. Prices and the order form can be found behind MyMOREnet, our members-only portal.


All members are eligible to purchase this service. Pricing and purchasing information is available in MyMOREnet, our members-only portal.

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This service is provided monthly and billed as an annual subscription fee.