Welcome to MOREnet's SMART Regional Training Center!

MOREnet is proud to be the only SMART Regional Training Center in Missouri!

We are excited to offer SMART Certified Trainer courses and a pathway to certification. The MOREnet SMART Digital Educator, SMART Digital Champion and SMART Integration Specialist face-to-face courses will give you an opportunity to have-hands on experiences, allow you to see training from the foundational level and help you become SMART Certified.

SMART Certified Trainer candidates need to have an exceptional understanding of the SMART Learning Suite, have great presentations skills, complete course activities and pay the Certification fee.

Why Become SMART Certified?

All successful candidates will be listed on the SMART website for 18 months as recognition of their accomplishments and so SMART customers can reach out to a qualified SMART Certified Trainer for their training needs.

Reasons to become SMART certified:

  • Ability to conduct SMART training classes
    • Earn money hosting classes 
    • Train own staff
  • Access to SMART training materials
  • Resume builder
  • Community of certified trainers
  • Build your personal brand

What Does it Cost?

Anyone can sign up to attend a SMART training session at MOREnet. However, MOREnet members with Full and Basic Membership Service Packages can attend at deeply discounted rates.

Contact training@more.net for more information or to order.

Membership Service Package Price for SMART Certification
Full $499
Basic $699
Non-member $1299

We are the only SMART Training Center in Missouri, and one of only three in the midwest. With the next closest training center being in the Chicago area, we can potentially save our members and others in the region hundreds of dollars in time and travel expenses.