Missouri Student Privacy Alliance


MOREnet Members Now Have Access to Student Data Privacy Consortium Resources

Student data privacy diligence is a continual concern for all educators. To assist our members with this critical effort, MOREnet has partnered with the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) to establish the Missouri Student Privacy Alliance (MSPA).

Supporting school districts in 30 states, the SDPC is an alliance to encourage conversations and help schools set standards of both practice and expectations around student data privacy such that all parties involved will have a common understanding and framework for action.

To this end, the first outcome of the MSPA is the adoption and implementation of a common student data privacy agreement to be used by all MOREnet member schools when implementing any online application. By adopting such an agreement, all vendors and schools will have common expectations when entering into a relationship or implementation without having to renegotiate terms in every new instance.

All MOREnet K-12 member schools can join the Missouri alliance to receive the following SDPC tools and resources at no additional cost:

  • SDPC Resource Registry - review and search
  • Access to the Missouri National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA)
  • Vendor marketplace
  • The option to share privacy language with other Missouri alliance/SDPC members
  • District Progress Workflow tool
    • From the teacher requesting an app/extension agreement to it being approved
  • Digital governance tool
  • SDPC resource registry training
  • Access to student privacy resources (videos)

For more information on how to sign your agreement and join the Missouri Student Data Privacy Alliance, contact [email protected].