Managed Zoom Classroom

Managed Zoom Classroom

Zoom mobile videoconferencing enables you to support ITV classrooms, hold meetings, training sessions and quick, on-the-go collaborations.

With Managed Zoom Classroom, you can support ITV classrooms with automation to modernize distance learning classrooms while keeping them simple and affordable.

Supports the automation of bell schedule

Managed Zoom Classroom provides the ability to automatically join and leave scheduled classes with no user interaction which is typically how ITV classes are currently operated.

Reduce hardware costs

As your legacy videoconference hardware reaches end of life, our subscription package includes both new hardware and software management, while enabling you to reduce overall costs.

Features of Managed ZOOM Classroom

Digital Learning Environments included with Full Membership Service Package

Capitalize on your Full Membership Service Package by utilizing the built in Zoom account available to you.

Connect with other services

Create a customized digital classroom at a fraction of the cost by combining the power of Zoom with and Canvas. is our digital store and stream repository that will efficiently deliver high-quality video live and on demand. K-12 members also have the opportunity to use Canvas at a discounted rate, to connect all your digital tools in one place.

For pricing, see MyMOREnet

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