The growth of esports has increased exponentially over the past five years. What was once considered a fun pastime for teens and twentysomethings has now turned into a highly competitive extracurricular at the high school and college levels.

Esports has competitors in hundreds of high schools and universities throughout the United States. Many schools are now offering college scholarships for esports gamers just as that same college would offer an All-American high school quarterback a scholarship to a major university. In the 2018-2019 school year, 200 colleges offered $16 million in esports scholarships. The money went to 65,000 players in 1,700 high schools across the US.

Even with the growth of esports, many high school students don’t know that this is a viable extracurricular activity or even if their own high school has a team. If the high school does have a team, it is most likely the best-kept secret in the school.

We are proud to partner with the Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation (MOSEF) to help bring esports to Missouri schools and universities. MOREnet members' esports teams benefit from our high-speed network, and MOSEF is actively working to provide support to schools struggling with the funding needed to purchase equipment for an esports lab. For more information on bringing esports to your school, or to get involved in supporting MOSEF’s programs, please visit

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