The Challenge


Challenge Electives

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Describe the main problem with esports in your school (either no team or an existing team).

Consider the organizational structure of a traditional professional sports team, and describe how they compare or contrast to your own high school's esports team.

  • Consider the following: branding, social media presence, perception, school engagement, funding, equipment.
  • What are the challenges facing esports at your high school or in general?
  • Identify three to six key roles needed within your school to successfully market, advertise and generate revenue streams to support the team's operating cost and any other aspects (e.g., events, miscellaneous costs, equipment, travel, community and economic development, etc.).
  • Include job descriptions.

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Secondary Research

  • Include information about esports past, present and future trends.
  • Develop a SWOT analysis.

The Target Market

Identify the target market(s) for your communications plan.

  • If no current team exists at your school, inlcude a plan to promote and develop and esports organizationat high school and to district administration.
    • Internal (within your school)
      • Students
      • Teachers
      • Administrators
    • External
      • Your community/parents/sponsors

The Unique Value Proposition

  • Identify the single message that directs your communications campaign.
  • Devleop a slogan/tagline for the campaign.

The Communications Plan

Develop a cohesive communications/advertising plan for promoting the esports team in your school.


  • Logo
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotions
  • Special events
  • Social media

Creative development

  • Mock up the elements your are recommending.
  • Create as many of the elements as possible.
  • A non-team member may help with the creative development.