K-20 Interoperable Data Solution (KIDS)



We now offer MOSIS-ID Automated Student Locator integration with Tyler SIS, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus or any Student Information System (SIS) that is Student Interoperability Framework (SIF) capable.

MOSIS ID slide

The K-20 Interoperability Data Solution (KIDS) aims to integrate data from different systems, increasing accuracy, saving time and freeing resources for more important tasks. Using KIDS, your SIS will automatically provide updated information to all of your systems automatically. No more manually moving data from one system to another!

As key stakeholders are making decisions to mold the best learning environment for today’s students, accurate, comprehensive data is crucial to influence the desired outcome. Many organizations struggle with downloading and uploading data from multiple systems to provide data to key stakeholders including parents, teachers, counselors and leadership as well as state and federal agencies.

MOREnet's educational and technical expertise can empower organizations to automate any changes your systems require. With K-20 Interoperable Data Solution, information about your students that is currently in your SIS can be automatically shared into other applications such as your learning management system (LMS), Active Directory, Google Directory, reading programs, testing programs, and much more. Data is delivered in a single direction or bi-directionally in a safe, comprehensive environment.

No longer will staff need to patch together applications or enter data manually into systems. Results include a dramatic improvement in accuracy and efficiency of all systems.

Beyond the software integration, KIDS is supported by the technical and educational expertise of the MOREnet staff that you’ve trusted with your questions for the last 30 years. As an extension of your educational and technical staff, we are here to help set up and customize. You can rely on us to provide updates and assist you as information changes as well as troubleshoot anomalies with your data and ongoing improvement.

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