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Cyber Security Boot Camp - June 20 & 21
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Increasing the Value of Your Online Resources

Value campaign

We are committed to enabling you to fully utilize the online resources available with your Membership Service Package. That is why we are pleased to announce our recently redesigned online resources portal, The new design will make it easier than ever to navigate and access the online resources available to you and your end-users.

On the new site, youll find categorized resources for students and library patrons as well as a list of all the databases, eBooks and online practice tests available to eligible MOREnet members. In addition, you'll find genealogical resources, tutorials and a host of other resources to help you make the most of these valuable resources.

Take a look around and discover all of the great benefits these resources can bring to your patrons and students. We can even assist you in advocating these resources in your school or library with remote access, customized entry icons and promotional materials!

For questions on how to make the most of these resources and the portal, contact We can even bring in-service training to your location this summer or early fall!

Electronic Service Quotes Will Look Different

As you request additional services or changes to existing services, we will continue to provide an electronic quote via DocuSign. Going forward, we are standardizing our quote process and will only list the monthly fee and any one-time fees on the quote.

While we will continue our annual, sometimes pro-rated, billing practice, we will no longer quote the annual or pro-rated fee for services. In other words, via your authorized representative's approval of our electronic service quote, you are agreeing to the monthly fee and any one-time fees for a specific service for a specific term, which should always be clearly stated on your quote. The service invoice you receive will reflect the full annual or pro-rated fee, as appropriate. We hope you will find this simplified approach beneficial. If you have questions, please contact your Member Service Advisor or send email to


Discover all the Benefits Included in a Full Membership Service Package

A Membership Service Package (MSP) from MOREnet brings you value in many ways. The products and services included in your membership often cost thousands of dollars if purchased separately--services like online resources, network consulting, technical support, E-rate support, professional development and a vast array of video services. To help you articulate the value of your Membership Service Package, we have created a simulator showing the estimated market price of the various services included because you're part of the MOREnet Consortium.

For an at-a-glance look at the estimated value of the included services if purchased separately, check out the online value simulator. To compare the Basic and Full Membership Service Packages, visit our website.

Some three-year Membership Service Packages are expiring in June. If you have not yet renewed your MSP there is a quote waiting for you. Contact your Member Service Advisor or to get a one-on-one consultation regarding any renewal questions.

Whatever the need, we can help you reach your goals faster, smarter and under budget when you utilize all the services included in your Full Membership Service Package.

Equip Your Staff with Securing the Human Training and Phishing Awareness

In the recent security audits we have seen from the state of Missouri, a common factor found was the lack of security awareness and training to personnel in your organization. To help you better equip your staff, we are pleased to offer this easy to setup and use SANS training and phishing service at a reduced cost through our partnership with REN-ISAC and SANS. The Securing the Human end-user training consists of short, high-quality video clips that are easily understandable and pertinent to situations that staff may encounter. With our bulk purchase, we are able to offer the Securing the Human training modules for $2.20 per user per license. Licenses will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

See a List of the Modules
Learn More

The phishing campaign is a unique way to get real-situation security training out to your personnel. There will be a monthly phishing campaign administered by our Cyber Security Operations team through the SANS program. All you have to do is submit the desired recipient's email address to us and we will handle the rest. We will provide a report of the findings after the campaign is complete.

Phishing licenses are $2.00 per account for the entire campaign.

To begin your order for SANS Securing the Human or the Phishing service, contact your Member Service Advisor or email

Webster University Survey on School Technology

Dr. Basiyr Rodney, a faculty member in Teacher Education at Webster University has asked us to distribute a survey to help them upgrade their technology in the school of education. They want to ensure their students are prepared to teach in the technology-rich environments of today's schools. If you have 10 minutes to help out a colleague, the survey can be found here.


Don't Lose Valuable Data! Price Reduction on Network Backup

MOREnet's Network Backup Service is powered by Asigra, a backup and recovery company leading the industry in secure, reliable, manageable and affordable data protection. We are pleased to not only offer this valuable solution but to also have negotiated lower prices for our members! Benefits of our network backup service:

  • A streamlined solution - Our software integrates with your environment to locate and prioritize files for backup, securely transmitting encrypted copies of those files to our data center.
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs - A "set it and forget it" model results in less operational and administrative management for data backup.
  • We only charge you for what you store - Unlike vendors who charge you based on storage prior to compressing your files, we only charge you for storage after the compression process.
  • Improve reliability and speed of recovery - A cloud backup and recovery system instantly restores data regardless of your location, including individual files, the most common type of data recovery.
  • Support - Our Missouri-based support team is here to help you choose the right backup service for your needs, help set up your back-ups and answer your technical questions.

Learn more about our network backup solution and the new pricing structure


Discover how you can implement student-centered learning at your school with our PD courses this summer!

Our professional development line up is full of new and exciting opportunities for you and your staff to discover new tools and focus on student-centered learning.**

June 5 - 9 Makerspace Workshops Week I 
June 5 - Robotics
June 5 - Coding Camp - Beginning Coding
June 6 - Coding Camp - Teaching Beyond Coding
June 7 - Coding Camp - Swift Playground
Jun 8 & 9 - 3D Printing Class
June 12 - 15 This Week in Google Week 1
June 20 & 21 Cyber Security Bootcamp
June 22 Video for Mobile Devices
July 11 - 14 Makerspace Workshops Week II
July 11 - Creating Makers and Spaces
July 11 - Little Bits and Makey
July 12 - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
July 13 - Prototyping and Design in Makerspaces
July 13 & 14 - 3D Printing Class
July 17-20 - This Week in Google Week II

To view course descriptions and register, visit our training calendar.