Setting up and Securing Your School’s K-12 Zoom Account

For new K-12 Zoom users, the steps below outline what is required to configure your Zoom account and associated licenses.

Please submit step two through four simultaneously.

  1. Properly configuring your School’s Zoom account: School Administrator’s Guide
  2. Submit vanity URL: Submit Vanity URL Request
    • Enter your user domain. Periods are not allowed. If your domain is, to eliminate duplication the suggestion is to enter test-k12-mo.
    • To start the process to secure accounts. The turnaround is 24 hours.
  3. Requesting managed domains: Account Consolidation with Managed Domain
    • You will need to know who is authoritative over your domain and what method they use to verify your domain. If you need assistance with this, please contact MOREnet Tech or MOREnet Video Support.
    • After the domain has been approved, your current users will receive a notification when they log in that a business account is being set up with their subaccount. They will have the option to Choose to join the account or change to a new email address. Users need to join the account. Users will also have an option to skip joining the account, but they can only do this twice. On the third login, they will be forced to join or create a new account.
  4. Remove time restriction for K12 basic accounts: K-12 School Verification Form
  5. There have been some questions on restricting logins for the Zoom client. Read detailed instructions for restricting logins for the Zoom client. Feel free to contact MOREnet if you need help with AD/SSO implementations.
  6. Some additional resources that might be of interest:
    1. Zoom Tutorials
    2. Zoom Support
    3. Children’s Privacy
    4. FERPA Guide
    5. Security

Email Video Services for assistance.