Extended Support Hours

Members who submit an Extended Hours SLA can receive additional support after normal business hours. To sign up for an Extended Hours SLA, contact your Member Service Advisor or email orders@more.net.

In addition to responding to outages that occur during normal business hours, our technicians electronically monitor circuits and respond to detected outages that occur during the extended hours selected on the Extended Hours SLA.

Extended hours support is free to members who submit an SLA, but those members must have a technician on site, or able to immediately go to the site, to assist with troubleshooting.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

All members who commit to an Extended Hours SLA must provide a Single Point of Contact (SPOC). The SPOC should be the number to a pager, cell phone or help desk/dispatching phone system used to reach the available technician. MOREnet will call the SPOC if troubleshooting assistance is required during the hours selected in the Extended Hours SLA. If a site fails to respond to two separate off-hours service problem calls from MOREnet to the SPOC in the same 12-month period, the site’s Extended Hours support will be discontinued. The site will be notified that it has been returned to standard Internet connection support.