Basic Email Archiving FAQ

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Who would get the most value from this service?
The Basic Email Archiving service is best for schools and libraries looking for an inexpensive, basic solution to store emails for eDiscovery purposes. MOREnet will work with the member to configure and implement the archiving solution and it will simply run until you request to cancel the service. Members have found that the Basic service works well with live@edu and Google accounts and it can be used in conjunction with a locally hosted mail server.
What retention options are available for the Email Archiving service?
Only one option is available: 3 years
Is there any kind of interface I can use to log in and manage my service?
No. To keep costs low, there is no admin interface. MOREnet will configure the service, then it runs until you tell us to stop. If you are looking for a more full-featured archiving solution, please consider MOREnet's Premium Email Archiving Solution Hosted by Gaggle.
Is email filtering for viruses or malware included in the archiving service?
No, email is not filtered before it is forwarded on to the user or archived. You will still need email filtering to protect your users from malicious content.
How would I retrieve archived emails?
Your Information Release Officer should send a written request to MOREnet Technical Support at detailing the information requested. Specify accounts and date range. Include a copy of your institution's user privacy policy that outlines the expectation of privacy by which your users conduct business using your organization's information systems. As an example, the policy should include a statement similar to: "there is no expectation of privacy for users on our email system." Once the archives have been pulled, MOREnet will send them in .eml format to the Information Release Officer. Depending on the size of the archives and amount of effort to retrieve them, an hourly rate may be charged to retrieve the archives.
How long will it take to process a request for email archives?
MOREnet will acknowledge your request quickly; however, it could take several working days to process requests.
Can I retrieve a single email that was accidentally deleted?
No. The Basic service is not designed to retrieve deleted emails..
Do I have to receive the entire archive or can I select a specific period?
A specific period can be provided or the entire archive. Depending on the size of the archives and amount of effort to retrieve them, an hourly rate may be charged to retrieve the archives.
What is the cost?
The annual fee is $150 per domain for a block of email archiving up to 100Gb. Additional 100Gb blocks may also be purchased for $150 each per year.
Are there any limits?
Currently, there are no limits, but if an organization shows excessive usage, we will contact that organization and do a custom quote.
How does it work?
Depending on where email is being hosted, we use one of three methods:
  • BCC - a blind copy of all incoming and outgoing email is sent to our server and archived there at the same time that the email is sent to the other recipients.
  • Mail Gateway - all mail is first sent to our server, then passed along to the recipients.
  • Hybrid - incoming mail is processed using the Mail Gateway method and outgoing mail is processed using the BCC method.