MOREnet-hosted - Reporting Options

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MOREnet Technical Support will configure Internet Content Filtering reports of your choice upon your request.

Reports can be sent at regular intervals or as a one time request. Reports can be scheduled for daily generation (e-mailed at midnight) or weekly generation (e-mailed on midnight on Sunday). Reports will be automatically emailed to an address you choose.

Reports are configured for a single subnet range. If your institution has multiple non-contiguous ranges, each range will be configured and forwarded to you in a separate report. By default, Technical Support will configure reports for all of the IPs in assigned subnets and all subnets assigned to the Ethernet interface on the institution's node router.

Technical Support can create custom reports on the fly for date ranges you specify. Reports can be sent to you in HTML format. Activity logs are kept for two weeks.

Report Types

MOREnet Technical Support customarily recommends scheduling a daily category activity report and a weekly site activity report for each IP range in the network.

These and other reports are available by request from MOREnet Technical Support.

Category Activity

Category activity reports show the Netsweeper categories that received the most requests on your network during the time period you specify. The number of site requests (pages) per category is displayed in an easy to read graph format.

Example of category activity report (PDF file; 28 KB)

Site Activity

Site activity reports show the websites that received the most requests on your network during the time period you specify. The report can also be customized to track a single category, like advertisements, to pinpoint high volume sites that may be beneficial to custom block or custom allow.

Example of site activity report (PDF file; 11 KB)

Internet Request Activity

Internet request activity reports show the number of Internet requests made during the period you specify. These results may be broken down by action (allow or deny). Activity reports help administrators identify the busiest periods of web activity.

Example of time-based activity report (PDF file; 10 KB)