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MOREnet provides alternatives for events not already scheduled or typically provided. An in-service is an event specific to the requesting organization and registration is open to only attendees who are employees of the requesting organization. In-service training sessions are available to all members. MOREnet trainers bring training topics to your location for your audience. The minimum number of attendees is set at ten with a maximum number of 20 per instructor.

In-service training sessions are available for REAL, K-12, MERC and Affiliate members, including state agencies. The requesting organization is responsible for all travel related such as lodging, meals and mileage. Those organizations who maintain a basic membership level will also be assessed a per-attendee fee at the rate of $50 per person per half day, or $100 per person per full day of training.

Requesting an In-service

MOREnet Members may request an in-service training by contacting MOREnet Training at (573) 884-7200 or


  • Contact MOREnet training to request an in-service as far in advance as possible. Our calendar fills very quickly. To have a better chance of getting the dates you need, contact us EARLY!
  • A trainer will work with you on possible topics and their appropriate time frames. Some topics just do not fit into an hour! Trust our expertise to guide you on the appropriate topic/time frame to provide the best training experience for your staff.
  • Pre-registration is required. We will need a list of attendees seven working days before the session.
  • We require a minimum registration to hold the session. Our absolute minimum is ten participants. If this minimum is not met SEVEN working days before the class, the session will be cancelled and you will be notified.
  • We have a trainer-to-participant ratio, based on the topic. The trainer will determine how many instructors are needed to provide the in-service that you request. Generally this ratio is about 20-1.
  • A trainer will determine the necessity of lodging and meals based on several factors, including distance from Columbia, start/end times, set-up/tear-down times, etc. We follow University of Missouri guidelines regarding travel related expenses, including mileage reimbursement rates and maximums on meals. You will be given a good faith approximation of what these charges will be before the training is held. You will be invoiced for the actual expenses after the training is held.
  •  **Special note about SMARTBoard Training as an in-service topic
    • We have found the most effective way to offer SMARTBoard training is as a hands-on experience. We do have some boards that we can arrange to bring. However, if we provide boards for your training, the minimum time we will schedule for SMARTBoard training is FOUR HOURS, no exceptions.

What we expect from you:

  • Enough time allowed for training session to do justice to the topic chosen.
  • Access to the training site to allow for ample set-up time and tear-down time.
  • Help with loading and unloading the equipment needed for the session.
  • Tech staff on site to help troubleshoot (logon, connectivity, etc).
  • Emergency contact information so that we may contact you leading up to the training session should an emergency or other unforeseen situation arise on our end.

What you can expect from us:

  • On-time delivery of high quality professional development taught by professional MOREnet trainers.
  • Course documentation, where appropriate.
  • Emergency contact information so that you can contact us should an emergency or other unforeseen situation arise on your end.
  • MOREnet will make all travel related arrangements for transportation, lodging and meals for MOREnet trainers.
  • A good-faith estimate of all travel related expenses before we hold the event. Travel expenses generally run $.52 per mile round-trip, meals at no more than $42 a day, and hotel when appropriate.

For more information on how you can bring a MOREnet trainer to your organization, contact MOREnet Training at (573) 884-7200 or send an email to