Attendance is up this year! Join hundreds of your peers who have already registered for the 2014 MOREnet Annual Conference to be held in Columbia, Mo., Oct. 27-30, 2014.



MOREnet's training and professional development opportunities are valuable resources for MOREnet members. Our events cover many topics to meet a variety of needs.


MOREnet Now Offers Two Choices for Internet Content Filtering

With the ever-changing landscape of mobile learning, web filtering has become essential to protect against online threats. Our members have unique security challenges and compliance regulations that residential and commercial networks do not have on their radar. In addition to an evolving user-group, our member organizations also seem to be home to some very progressive computer hackers.

Based on feedback from you, MOREnet is pleased to now offer two Internet Content Filtering (ICF) options to assist you in staying on top of this ever-challenging risk.


Welcome to MOREnet

MOREnet links Missouri to a world of knowledge through a statewide research and education network. Schools, public libraries, academic institutions and state agencies linked to the network have access to a secure broadband Internet connection, staff training, technical support and electronic resources, making equitable access possible across Missouri.

MOREnet Supports Cities and Counties

MOREnet can now provide or assist municipalities and counties with any level of affordable technology support.



MOREnet Invests and Expands Fiber Infrastructure in Southeastern Missouri

MOREnet today announced a partnership with Sho-Me Technologies to expand the fiber infrastructure for high capacity, low cost Internet access in the southeastern area of Missouri, an area underserved by existing broadband infrastructure. The new long-term commitment from MOREnet and the University of Missouri will spur economic development in all areas of Missouri, another example of the system’s significant influence on the entire state every day.