Upgrade Windows for REAL Program Connectivity Requests

Revised: June 15, 2016

Expand upgrade window from three windows per fiscal year to four, starting FY17.


Beginning FY12 the REAL Program will more closely coordinate upgrade requests with the E-rate application window. Libraries will be asked to respond to a survey about future bandwidth needs to be included in the MOREnet E-rate application. They can then submit upgrade requests during four announced periods. Any requests not included in that fiscal years E-rate application will be considered on a case by case basis, and may be deferred to the next upgrade review period. This policy is being implemented to address the need to more closely manage the REAL Program budget for telecommunications costs.


  1. Library responds to MOREnet survey regarding next fiscal year bandwidth needs.
  2. Library the REAL Program Bandwidth Survey to request an upgrade. Find a link to the form and more information on the Connection Upgrade Process page.
  3. At the close of each upgrade window (July 31, Oct. 31, Jan. 31, April 30) MOREnet will review all requests.
  4. The list of requested upgrades will be provided to the Missouri State Library for approval.
  5. MOREnet will generate quotes for approved upgrades and contact any sites that were denied upgrades. They can apply again in the next window or an exception may be approved by the Missouri State Library.

Priorities for upgrading connections as set by the Missouri State Library:

  1. Main libraries over branch connections
  2. Upgrading connection to Ethernet
  3. Upgrading connections where the library’s automation system is accessed over the internet; i.e., a hosted automation system service
  4. Upgrade of 1.5 Mbps connections to higher level
  5. Population served by the connection – larger populations to have preference over smaller

REAL Program Connection Moves

Effective: July 1, 2011

All costs resulting from a temporary or permanent move of a REAL Program funded connection will be the responsibility of the library. The costs could be associated with a move to a new or temporary building or moving the connection within the current building.

REAL Program Early Termination Liabilities

Effective: Sept. 7, 2010

It is the determination of the Missouri State Library that for Fiscal Year 2011, REAL Program reserves may be used to cover early circuit termination penalties incurred by participating libraries electing to drop their connection(s) prior to ordinary premise circuit expiration.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2012, libraries will be required to assume early termination liability as ordinary premise circuit terms expire and are renewed as a condition of MOREnet connectivity. As of July 1, 2011, the early termination liability for existing premise circuits will be the responsibility of each participating library.

Library Campus Connection

Effective: Oct. 6, 2006

REAL funds provide Internet connectivity for branches. In campus situations, where a library has more than one building on a campus, only one connection to one building is provided.

Returning Main Connection

If a library or library system decides to terminate their MOREnet managed connection to the main library or administrative headquarters they have the option to reapply for the REAL Program subsidy for this connection in the future. Libraries must be in good standing with MOREnet. Approval by the Missouri State Library of connectivity requests for the main library or administrative building will be based on availability of funding for the REAL Program.

REAL Supported Connection

Effective: July 1, 2019

The REAL Program is committed to providing size-appropriate connections for all REAL Program funded Internet connections. The Missouri State Library will make every effort to provide needed connectivity based upon the availability of funding to the REAL Program.

Minimum supported bandwidth of the REAL Program is five Mbps.

As of July 1, 2019, the REAL Program will no longer support bandwidths below five Mbps unless no other option is available for a site. The Missouri State Library considers five Mbps to be the basic minimum on which library services could be delivered.

  • REAL Program participants have FY20 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020) to begin the process of upgrading their connection(s) to a minimum of five Mbps.
  • An increase greater than five Mbps can be requested during one of the posted upgrade windows in July, October, January and April.
  • If a library does not upgrade to five Mbps, the library will no longer be eligible for REAL Program funding on the Internet connection portion of their MOREnet services.

Minimum Connection Size for Main Library Buildings

The minimum bandwidth size that will be implemented for main library buildings is five Mbps. The recommended minimum for a main library building is 20 Mbps. This increase is in response to the increased reliance on Internet connectivity to deliver library services and the fact that today’s Internet traffic is more bandwidth intensive than ever.

Maximum Connection Size for REAL Program Connections

The REAL Program approves an Internet connection bandwidth cap each year. The current maximum amount of bandwidth provided to a REAL Program library is 250 Mbps. A library that requests a bandwidth increase above 250 Mbps is responsible for the full amount of the difference in MOREnet fees and telecommunication costs.

Upgrade Request Process:

Libraries can request an upgrade through the regular REAL Program Upgrade Request process.

Wireless Access Policy

Effective: June 5, 2008

The Missouri State Library recognizes that wireless Internet access can be an important component of a library’s public services. Responsible management of wireless networks ensures the safety and reliability of the library’s technical infrastructure, bandwidth usage, and the integrity of Internet use by the public. Additionally, guidance by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD), who administers the federal E-rate program, prohibits wireless access outside an organization’s property line.

For libraries offering wireless access through the MOREnet network, the following Missouri State Library policy applies.

  • Wireless access is prohibited outside the property line of the library. In cases where this is not technically possible, the library must have made reasonable efforts to comply and must authenticate all users of the wireless access.
  • REAL Program participants are recommended to authorize all wireless users as being library patrons through an authentication software program or automation system.

Any library participating in the REAL Program that is planning, or currently providing, wireless access for their facilities may contact MOREnet Technical Support for assistance with establishing an authentication procedure to assure compliance with MOREnet Service Policies and SLD guidance.

Best practices for public access wireless