Available to members with a Full Membership Service package. FortiGuard services bundles are specifically designed to address some of the components involved with developing a cyber-defense strategy.

Bundles include tools you need for protection against known threats and unknown threats, options include breach protection and addressing the challenges of OT, risk, compliance and management concerns. Unified Threat Protection Bundle extends threat protection across the entire digital attack surface, providing industry-leading defense against sophisticated attacks. The UTM tools aid in defense against web and email-based attacks.

You can also bundle FortiGuard as part of your content filtering solution, powered by FortiGate.

Our networking subject matter experts can help you determine exactly which bundle is best for you and create a custom quote.

Fully Managed Solution

Take the stress of configuring and managing your solution. We will help you purchase, configure, set up and manage your updates and maintenance. All you will need to do is set up your organization's filter preferences.

Add-on Managed Solution

Already have the FortiGuard equipment but would like us to manage the solution for you? With our add-on management service, we can take your existing FortiGuard equipment and execute the updates and maintenance of your equipment.

Equipment and Initial Configuration

Let us help you purchase the equipment from our conortium discount and do the initial configurations for you.

Equipment-only Discounts

Just need the equipment at a low cost but can do the configuration and management yourself? We have awarded an RFP for the lowest prisces for Fortinet's equipment, maintenance and services.


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