The Education Cooperative (TEC) Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) Service

MOREnet has partnered with The Education Cooperative (TEC) to offer Missouri K-12 members an opportunity to further increase their student data privacy compliance. TEC is a non-profit organization that supports K-12 schools by supplying resources to ensure student data privacy. Specifically designed for Missouri schools, the service leverages TEC’s national network for additional benefits. Here’s a breakdown of the resources provided.

Streamlined NDPA Processing

TEC helps Missouri schools with the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) process, making it easier to establish contracts with vendors who access student data.

Vendor Negotiation

TEC assists schools in negotiating terms with these vendors to ensure strong student data privacy protections.

Legal Support

TEC offers basic legal services related to the NDPA agreements, providing Missouri schools with additional peace of mind.

Access to a Wider Range of Agreements

Through TEC, Missouri schools gain access to a collection of over 1800 pre-existing data privacy agreements with various vendors. This saves time and effort compared to negotiating each agreement individually.

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This service is an add-on service to MOSPA. Districts must join MOSPA (included with MOREnet membership) before purchasing The Education Cooperative Data Privacy Agreement. Learn more about MOSPA.

More information about TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance