Student Privacy


Student data privacy diligence is a continual concern for all educators. To assist our members with this critical effort, MOREnet has partnered with the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) to establish the Missouri Student Privacy Alliance (MOSPA). This service is available to MOREnet K-12 Full and Basic Members and included in their service package at no additional fee.

MOSPA, in conjunction with the SDPC, provides K-12 members tools and resources to ensure student data is protected in the districts. The goal is to provide common expectations between the district and vendor and streamline the agreement process.

In addition to MOSPA, members have the opportunity to take advantage of the managed services of The Education Cooperative (TEC). TEC provides many resources to help schools ensure student data privacy, helping to increase compliance and reduce member school’s workload.

K-12 members have several avenues to ensure student data privacy:

Option One: No standardized privacy agreement

Districts independently adopt a student data privacy agreement with each vendor that uses or collects personally identifiable information or obtain parental permission to use the application. This leads to time consuming and costly work without uniformity and order. See our blog about the importance of data privacy.

Option Two: Become a Missouri Student Privacy Alliance (MOSPA) member

A free service for MOREnet members that allows access to the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) tools and resources. This includes a searchable database of national and state agreements and training. MOSPA members will have access to the MO National Data Privacy Agreement to provide uniformity in agreements with vendors throughout the state. MOREnet will provide training and support for using the platform. Learn more and become a member.

MOSPA & The Education Cooperative (TEC)

After joining MOSPA, a member may elect to take advantage of the managed services of TEC for a reasonable annual fee. In addition to option two, this fee-based selection takes the negotiation process out of your hands. MOSPA/TEC provides MO-NDPA agreement processing, vendor negotiation, and inherent legal services. This process greatly reduces the district’s time in processing and negotiating and opens the door to hundreds more agreements. TEC currently has 1800+ agreements and is continually adding agreements. Learn more about the MOSPA/TEC partnership.