E-rate Documents and Statistics

Children’s Internet Protection Act Form 479: Every year around January MOREnet will send appropriate member contacts an electronic request for the Form 479 completion. Contact the E-rate team for any questions.

Letter of Agency: Please email your completed Letter of Agency to MOREnet at erate@more.net

The Letter of Agency is collected only once in any three- year period.
Use the appropriate link below to create a letter of agency that can be printed on your organization’s letterhead. Only the first page of the letter need be on organizational letterhead. Subsequent pages can be printed on plain paper. However, be sure to send all the pages.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher to use this application. Get the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. On the following pages:

  1. Select your organization.
  2. Adjust the document margins to fit your organizational letterhead.
  3. Click Get Letter of Agency.
  4. The application will generate a PDF file. Make sure your organizational letterhead is loaded in your printer and click the printer button or click Save a Copy.

REAL program participants

K12 program participants

Relevant Documents for Funding Year 2023-24

State Data File Student Count – Excel

State Data File Student Count – PDF

Library District Locale Codes – Excel

E-rate Process Flyer FY21-25.pdf

E-rate Budget Paper FY21-25.pdf