Getting Started with Tech

As core anchor institutions, many of our members serve as a resource for all things technology to their community.  We are working with several partner organizations to address digital inequity in Missouri.  Our new “Getting Started with Technology” curriculum includes instructor notes, a detailed slide deck, as well as handouts for the end users participating in training.

Those modules include:

– Evaluating Bandwidth Options.

– Accessing Internet Affordability.

– Troubleshooting and Optimizing Home Internet.

– Setting up a Home Internet Network.

– Basic Internet Security for the Home.

– Advanced Security Options for Greater Privacy.

– Password Security.

– Internet Search Engines.

– Understanding and Managing Internet Tracking Programs.

– Government and Financial Online Accounts.

– Using Cloud-Based Resources.

– Finding Accurate Information Online.

– Phishing and Other Scams.

Each facilitator trained will also have access to a virtual Canvas course to enable easy access to the materials as well as opportunities for virtual, on-demand refresher courses.

To learn more about digital equity in Missouri, visit our website dedicated to serving the community with questions about utilizing technology in their daily lives:  


To be trained as a facilitator, check out the opportunities on, search for “Getting Started with Technology”.