Technical Training Summit

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2024 Technical Training Summit!

Over one hundred technical professionals gathered for two days to collaborate while participating in hands-on professional development sessions February 5-6, 2024.

This is an annual event where attendees can choose between topics ranging from cybersecurity, systems administration and networking.  In addition to in depth sessions from MOREnet’s subject matter experts, we invited several guest speakers to share knowledge with attendees. The 2024 guest speakers included supervisory special agent George Schultzel from the FBI to discuss what to do if a network is compromised and Dr. Ed Mirelli who walked participants through ethics case studies as they determine how they will move forward with data collection and machine learning.

2024 Technical Training Summit Handouts/Presentations

“I am glad to be overwhelmed with information about cybersecurity to give me an objective to shoot for when thinking about my district’s needs. This class wasn’t just some passing thoughts of an individual tinkering with their home network, but ideas and examples from a legitimate company in the trenches. I believe the presenter, Noah, not only knew what he was talking about but was more than happy to share his knowledge. I will definitely take more classes like this from MOREnet. Very impressed. Thank you.”