Contracted Training

MOREnet (through University of Missouri Procurement) contracts with several training providers to supply technical and end-user courses not provided by our MOREnet trainers, and at a reduced cost.

MOREnet will schedule in-person courses for you and will work with the appropriate provider on arrangements.

Members have a variety of options for taking advantage of these courses. Delivery methods, minimum and maximum attendance, pricing, and cancellation policies vary by provider and course selected. Courses can be delivered by instructors at MOREnet, at your location, at the provider’s location, or online. Some courses are also offered as self-paced, online training, thus eliminating the need for travel.

Topic areas include training on Microsoft, Cisco, Solaris, Adobe, VMWare, Linux, Novell, Oracle, and more.

StormWind offers online, on-demand training at a reduced rate for MOREnet members.

Other providers that have contracts awarded through public procurement include:

  • New Horizons
  • Fastlane
  • Maverick
  • Directions

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