When we say be better connected with MOREnet, we mean be better connected with our robust Internet. Be better connected to technology resources and experts. Be better connected to your peers.

Be better connected to your community.

When you become a MOREnet member organization, you become a part of the MOREnet community. Here you can connect with other organizations, tap into the vast knowledge of MOREnet subject matter experts, and join peers in specialized training and events throughout the year.

We have several opportunities to connect with your peers.

We host an annual conference that brings our members together from across the state for four days of learning and networking. It is a valuable experience, and we hope you will join us this October.

Our training team continuously offers new courses while offering several opportunities to take advantage of our most requested topics. Join our monthly newsletter for updates on professional development opportunities and resources for educators.

Some other opportunities to connect include:

  • MOSPA -Missouri Student Privacy Alliance
  • MoHEIT – Missouri Higher Education Information Technology Community Group
  • Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation
  • Missouri Open Education Resource Hub
  • Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter

You can stay up-to-date or also strike up a conversation with your peers on social media! We’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At the core of who we are, we facilitate vibrant member communities and leverage our unique position to forge strategic relationships with a variety of community and industry partners. Explore the consortium discount opportunities that are also available to our members or jump on a webinar to explore the best way to implement a new technology or service at your organization.

Be better connected with MOREnet.