Akamai Secure Internet Access

As Missouri’s academic and public sector organizations are adopting more cloud-based services, protecting your data against advanced targeted threats has become exponentially more difficult.

With the largest and most trusted edge platform, Akamai protects educational institutions and businesses worldwide and the billions of people they serve. Akamai’s Secure Internet Access is a cloud-based, secure web gateway designed to help security teams ensure that users and devices can securely connect to the Internet wherever they happen to be, without the intricacy and management overheads associated with other legacy security solutions. This solution is powered by real-time threat intelligence based on global insights into Internet and domain name system traffic and multiple malware-detection engines.

Benefits To Your Organization

  • Prevent data leaks by identifying and blocking sensitive content
  • Reduce false positives, therefore reducing management time
  • Enforce security policies and AUPs
  • Uniformly block access to objectionable or inappropriate domains

Key Capabilities

  • Up-to-the-minute threat intelligence
  • Customer-categorized threats, extending the value of current security investments
  • Advanced malware detection and offline payload analysis
  • Data loss prevention through blocking or monitoring file uploads that contain protected data
  • Add your own unsanctioned applications based on risk score
  • TLS inspection
  • Protection when your devices are used off network
  • Enforce acceptable use policies
  • Real-time dashboards that analyze, report and log data
  • Deploy end-to-end security for DNS traffic
  • Content filtering options

The exclusive MOREnet member price for this service is based on full time staff, as opposed to device count! Students and patrons are included at no charge. To learn more, visit the pricing tab behind MyMOREnet or contact security@more.net.

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Informational Presentation on July 27, 2022