On-Demand Training

This Canvas class will allow you to access all MOREnet on-demand classes. Once you have access to this Canvas class, you can take any of our short, on-demand classes without having to register for each individual class. You will find classes on open educational resources (OER), Lumio, MOREnet-provided online resources, digital equity and more.

MOREnet On-Demand Classes

Course Descriptions

Most MOREnet on-demand classes are offered as a series. Once you gain access to the Canvas Class Catalog, you will find short classes about EBSCO, LearningExpress Library, Lumio, Open Educational Resources (OER) and digital equity.


In the EBSCO series, you will learn how to create an account, search for resources, use the results of your search and save search results. These classes are relevant for all teachers, faculty and librarians, and what you learn will be beneficial to all learners and patrons.

LearningExpress Library

In the LearningExpress Library series, you will learn about creating an account, Prep Step for high school, Prep Step Career Inventory, Occupation Finder and Scholarship Finder. These classes are ideal for anyone working with or advising high school students.


In the Lumio series, you will learn how to get started with Lumio and how to launch a class activity. Future classes will include pacing a Lumio lesson and inclusive education. Lumio allows you to work with technology tools you already use to add interactivity to your classes.

Open Educational Resources

In the OER series, you will learn what open educational resources are, how to register and sign into the Missouri hub, how to search for and use content and how to use working groups. The Missouri hub is a great place to find resources that other Missouri educators have found, and the OER Commons allows you to search for content at any grade level in any content area. These resources are free to use and most are customizable.

Digital Equity

The digital equity section currently has one class. This class is designed for you to help those who are new to technology or who are hesitant to use technology. Topics include evaluating bandwidth, affordable internet, working with a home network, security, privacy, passwords, searching the internet, internet tracking, accessing online accounts, cloud-based resources, finding accurate information and phishing and other scams. This class is ideal for helping library patrons and parents. Each module contains a PowerPoint presentation, facilitator guide and end-user handouts.