Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way people learn and work. Thanks to a partnership with DESE, MOREnet is offering professional development to any Missouri school at no cost. Districts can choose from one of four classes. These one-hour classes are perfect for faculty meetings, department meetings or collaboration days and can be provided at your school or via Zoom. To schedule your professional development, please email with your date(s) and topic preferences.

The session options include:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Before you can dive into the deep world of artificial intelligence, you need to know some basics. Understanding the principles of AI functionality and interaction is crucial for successful AI usage. This session will break down those basics and discuss the things to look for in a tool, as well as how to ask questions and interact with the latest tools in ways that return more accurate and useful responses.

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Teachers

This session introduces teachers to innovative AI tools, demonstrating their integration into classroom settings to enhance teaching and learning. We’ll cover practical applications, explore different types of tools and discuss strategies for effectively using AI to engage and support diverse student needs.

AI in the Classroom: Introducing AI Concepts and Coding to Students

There are already a large number of excellent tools and techniques available for teaching how AI works and the basics of how to code AI. This session will explore a range of interactive tools and activities that are safe for use in the K-12 environment to demonstrate the capabilities of AI. We will also look at tools and platforms for learning the basics of coding artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: Tips for Improving Results

When using AI tools, the results you get are only as good as the questions you ask. This session will be hands on with multiple tools to demonstrate the similarities and differences when creating prompts. We will explore examples of good prompts and use different methods to create great solutions.

There is no charge to Missouri school districts for time or travel for us to lead these sessions through June 30, 2024, thanks to a partnership with DESE.

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