Whether you are seeking an endpoint detection and response (EDR) or managed detection and response (MDR) solution to help your organization meet specific cybersecurity and/or cyber risk insurance requirements, or you want to proactively monitor threats and prevent ransomware with limited resources, our team vetted several solutions and negotiated aggressive pricing with Malwarebytes.

Benefits of Malwarebytes:


  • Non-disruptive, role-based access; deploy within minutes
  • Intuitive cloud-native management console
  • Every member that purchases through MOREnet, will have hands-on onboarding complete with a support team and a customer support team.


  • Safeguard your endpoints without slowing them down.
  • Malwarebytes guarantees their EDR solution will stop a ransomware infection on your deployed systems, or they will refund your annual subscription fee!


  • Malwarebytes offers a managed service as an add-on, if you don’t have the time and resources to manage the service yourself. (Including an add on for vulnerability and patch management.)
  • Mobile security for Chromebook, iOS and Android can be added on as well!
  • No performance impact; uses fewer resources.

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