MOREnet Support

At some point, everyone needs help. Whether you're troubleshooting failing equipment or installing a new product, MOREnet Support is there to help you along the way. While other help desks see only products, MOREnet sees members. Whether you are a contact we have been helping for 20 years or are a new contact on your first service call with us, our Techincal Support team is going to do their very best to explain things and get you the help you need. The MOREnet Technical Support team can become another arm of your technical team, that second opinion you have come to trust, your liasion with a third party vendor and sometimes, for smaller members, your entire technical staff.

The MOREnet Support team knows MOREnet’s services and network inside and out, frontward and backwards, and will go above and beyond to help solve your issue. Many times it is our support team that tells you there is a problem with your network before you even realize you are down.

With decreased funding impacting all of education, it's important to have backup you can trust. You can trust MOREnet Support.

When it comes to support, it's good to have the right connections.