Missouri Student Privacy Alliance


MOREnet has partnered with the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) to establish the Missouri Student Privacy Alliance (MOSPA). This service is available to MOREnet K-12 Full and Basic Members and is included in their service package at no additional fee.

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is the umbrella of state alliances and provides the Resource Registry and the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA). MOSPA, in conjunction with the SDPC, provides K-12 members tools and resources to ensure student data is protected. The goal is to provide common expectations between the district and vendor and to streamline the agreement process.

MOSPA History, Background and Resources Webinar

The NDPA is utilized by 37 states; not only does the SDPC streamline the agreement process, the organization’s resources include the Resource Registry to manage district agreements and search national agreements, the District Progress Workflow tool and an auto-populated District Customized Resource Listing.

Joining MOSPA offers several benefits for K-12 schools in Missouri.

Simplified Agreements

MOSPA provides access to the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA), a standardized contract that streamlines the process of establishing agreements with vendors that access student data. This saves time and resources compared to negotiating individual agreements from scratch.

Stronger Protections

The NDPA helps ensure vendors have clear guidelines regarding how they handle student data, promoting stronger privacy protections for your students’ information.

Resource Hub

MOSPA offers access to a Resource Registry, a central location to find specific data privacy agreements and tools for managing existing agreements within your district.

Collaboration and Best Practices

By joining MOSPA, your school becomes part of a network of Missouri schools focused on student data privacy, fostering collaboration and allowing you to learn best practices implemented by other districts.

Overall, MOSPA membership helps Missouri schools efficiently manage student data privacy, reducing administrative burdens and promoting a secure environment for your students’ information.

This video tutorial will walk you through joining MOSPA.

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