Research and Education Networks

MOREnet is one of 43 of the Nation’s Nonprofit Research and Education Networks (RENs). Our nation’s purpose-built RENs provide ultra-highs-speed connectivity and specialized services that increase access to academic opportunities, further scientific discovery, and foster collaboration.

We are a member of The Quilt, a national coalition of nonprofit U.S. regional Research and Education Networks.  The mission of every REN is to serve the connectivity needs of high-end research organizations and anchor institutions.  Check out the map of The Quilt coalition here:

The Nation’s Research and Education Networks provide their users with:

The fastest, most advanced network services and applications.  They power big data-sharing across the states, country and globe. 

  • The secure, high-performance networks are needed to spark innovative collaboration.
  • Optimize advanced cloud services for demanding applications, network security, and research.
  • Strategically manage network traffic with peering and caching partners resulting in the most cost-effective and optimized network performance path for all users.
  • Interconnect with US National Research and Education Network, Internet2, as well as other federal agency mission-driven science networks.

Powerful partnerships that drive innovations among academia, research, governmental and commercial partners.

  • Utilize position as a strong consortium to forge strategic relationships and partners.
  • Promote to-and-through strategy to deliver economical connectivity to unserved and underserved areas.
  • Facilitate vibrant member communities who use REN technology and solutions.
  • Operational transparency through member-directed governance models.
  • Minimize costs and maximize benefits across end users through economies of scale and shared cost-recovery models.

Highly secure network infrastructure that protects our users most valuable data.

  • REN Security Communities of Practice bolsters cybersecurity operational protections, response and mitigation strategies.
  • Security resources to identify network threats and vulnerabilities through monitoring, information sharing and analysis centers.
  • Next generation firewall services and robust disaster recovery solutions
  • Adopt the mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS)- a global initiative that provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common threats.