REAL Policies

REAL Branch Connections

Effective: July 1, 2020

The REAL Program will accept previously canceled and newly created branch locations. Cost savings implemented by MOREnet and savings on reduced fees on newly rebid connection contracts allows the REAL Program to expand access to branch connections that meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.

The Missouri State Library and MOREnet offer an enhancement to the REAL program to provide Internet connectivity for public library branches. MOREnet managed connections at branch libraries will enable libraries to enhance resource sharing and implement library automation systems.

The level of E-rate discounts accrued to the REAL program permits it to partially fund dedicated data connections to branch libraries. Branch connections are subject to an annual Network Connectivity Fee based on the size of the connection. The REAL Program fees are listed MyMOREnet. Branch connections provided by the REAL program under this policy are available as long as E-rate discounts and program funding are sufficient to cover costs. Main connections for new participating libraries are a priority over branch connections.

Data Connections for Branch Libraries

Branch libraries will receive a direct Internet connection. Costs for Internet connections to library branches are partially covered by the REAL program. This includes routers, installation and monthly costs for data lines.

MOREnet Managed Routers and Connections

MOREnet manages the router or switch (edge device) that is provided as part of the REAL project for all main and branch connections. MOREnet staff have exclusive access and control of the edge device.

Criteria for Eligibility

Library branches must meet the following criteria:

  • Two computers.
  • Commitment to public access.
  • Open at least 20 hours per week with some evening and/or weekend hours, or have a shared library automation system.

Starting the Branch Connection Process

Libraries who wish to begin the process of connecting their branches should send an email to with a Point of Contact name and email address.

In the email, please include the following information:

  1. Names of branches to be connected, operating days/hours for each branch, and estimated service population for each branch.
  2. Date branch connections are required (recommend 30 days prior to installation of library automation system).

Given past experience with Missouri Internet service providers, we recommend you begin this process at least four months prior to when you need the dedicated data connection. Once the service agreement is authorized, MOREnet will order the connections and equipment.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Jeanne Sullivan at (800) 509-6673 or via email at